Utsiktenmeetings is a site for everyone interested in making a positive impact through the use of technology. Our main goal is to encourage employers and other people in charge into taking the first step towards digital meetings. At the same time, we hope to help them to do their freetime, money and environment a favor.

Most of the daily commutes happen due to a need to attend a meeting or work at an office. Should we not need to attend those, we could probably cut the emissions by tons of carbon dioxide and harmful chemicals. The solution is digital meetings.

One meeting with three people attending being cancelled will not make a huge impact. But considering the hundreds of meetings happening every day, and the thousands of people attending them, there are a lot of transportation collectively. Just imagine how much time and money that could be saved, and how much less of an environmental impact we could cause.

”Utsikten” means ”the view” in Swedish, and our name is meant to represent our vision of a more environmentally friendly future. That vision is the view in question. Since no one can do everything, we chose to focus on the magic that is digital meetings, and how they can help cut emissions.

Previously Utsikten Meetings was a conference hotel near Nynäshamn. They however went out of business, and we took over their domain. We have no connection to the previous owners.